Empower Yourself With Self-Defence Learn Practical Ways To Protect And Defend

Empower Yourself With Self-Defence Learn Practical Ways To Protect And Defend

 The RAID Self Defence system is your gateway to a confident and empowered life. Our courses go beyond the physical aspects of self-defence, focusing on the crucial pre and post-conflict elements that are essential in today's real-world scenarios.

The RAID Self Defence system not only empowers you mentally but also enhances your physical fitness. Our courses go beyond traditional self-defence by incorporating a dedicated fitness element, ensuring you're not just prepared mentally but physically too.

As you learn to protect yourself in real-world situations, you'll simultaneously improve your overall fitness, coordination, and health. This holistic approach sets RAID apart, offering you a comprehensive self-defence experience that not only builds confidence and mental resilience but also boosts your physical well-being.

Join us in this unique journey where self-discipline, personal growth, and optimal fitness converge, making you not just safer in the face of adversity but also healthier and more confident in your everyday life.

Prevention is key, and we recognise that self-defence is 60% psychological, 25% emotional, and only 15% physical. We will help you gain the skills to protect yourself, build your confidence, and foster strong mental resilience. Beyond safety, our courses offer practical benefits such as improved fitness, coordination, and overall health. Join us and embark on a journey towards self-discipline, personal growth, and a safer, more confident you."

I'll Help You Learn

Hi my name is Iain McKinstry and I am the Chief Instructor and School Owner of MK Self Defence Fitness Institute (including McKinstry Family Karate) I have been training in the Korean Martial Arts for the past two decades. I have an undying passion for the Martial Arts and the benefits they bring.

My qualifications 3rd Dan Blackbelt with close to 20 years of experience as a practitioner and 12 years as a teacher of the Martial Arts.

Certified Personal Security Defence Instructor teaching the R.A.I.D (Rapid Action Initiated Defence) system.

Certified coach with British Martial Arts and Boxing Association.

Working towards Level 4 Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach.

As with all of our instructors I have an enhanced DBS disclosure.

Sport England Lead Safeguarding certification..

MK Martial Arts

Unit 3, 2 Osprey Place, Burscough, Lancs L40 8TG

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